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Frequently Asked Questions for Onthego and other SCC ?'s


Don't ever hesitate to hollar at Luke or one of the Elders. If it's technical in nature Call/Text Luke at 785.364.0779 If you're not in a hurry you can reach him at .


I want to try and stream Church Sunday morning. How do I do it?


Nothing helps like some good old fashion experimenting. Try out some of the links and get a feel for what it takes to get to the page. As far as Soldier Christian Church's Stream, feel free to navigate to the Facebook page and try watching a video there. If you can do it there then you will likely have little issue streaming it during the scheduled hour. BUT! if all else fails, hollar at Luke, a local teenager or check out one of the other Church's links as they've been doing it much longer than us (In the even we have technical difficulties).


What about communion?


Good question. You can do at least two things. 1. We have some extra supplies (Communion Bread and/or Oyster Crackers in small packages) at the church. They will be on the counter and available if you need, also feel free to get with an elder and we'll work at dropping a set off. We have some juice as well if you need that. Or 2. Obviously, it is the heart of the matter that matters, so if you have a respectable substitute that serves the purpose of intentionally remembering Christ's sacrifice then by all means go for it. Chances are you and your gathering will remember this more than you think.


What about my Tithe?


Another good question. You've got four possibilities:


1. You can mail it to: Dennis Holliday, 3396 270th Rd., Soldier Ks 66540

2. Get it to an Elder

3. Talk to your local bank about online bill pay options available to Soldier Christian Church at Farmers State Bank.

4. Or, give online via securly and quickly. It is a new online giving portal available to us. It allows you to make sure the full amount comes to the Church and the conveience fee is able to be covered by you. It also allows you to receive a receipt for your own tax records throughout the year as well as set up reoccuring giving if that is your wish. After researching different companies this is one of the most reasonable options for our church (2.06% + $.30 for each donation).


What if I don't have internet access?


We're working on recording the service on a DVD and are prepared to drop it by for you if you would like! Let Ron, Luke or one of the Elders know.

I just need help.


Reach out to the Elders and we'll see what we can do. Stay tuned for additional resources and ways to connect! The building may be closed but the Church isn't! We're very much still alive and going!


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