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2021 Re Vive Schedule:

Starts with February 28th

Stay tuned!

Looking for something just a little different than Sunday Morning?

We're not here to replace your Sunday morning church experience. Don't have a church home? Maybe you go somewhere else? Thats fine. Come here anyway. It's always the last Saturday night each month. Held at the Annex, or some of you know it as the Old Soldier Methodist Church. What you might come to know it as if you swing in is...


Coffee on and fresh popcorn when you showup.

5 or 6 contemporary worship songs

5 minute Message

Another couple songs

An opportunity to take communion

Closing song and some announcements

All wrapped up in 1 hour.


Well and of course, a time to visit and catch up at the end. But you can take as long as you want for that.


Stop in and visit. Make it your Saturday night home. We all need a little pick me up after a crazy week and the hectic schedules we tend to live. Just down the street from Soldier Christian.


Come and be Re Vived!

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