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Disputes of truth.

Wednesday, Day 13 - Jn 2:23-3:36

This morning where we pick up we step into two conversations. The first is a pharisee peeking in at night to sit down with Jesus and ask some questions. And the second conversation between John the Baptist and some curious jewish onlookers that are looking for some clarification on what Jesus is doing and how its different than what John has going on.

Nicodemus, the pharisee from the first conversation, is a man who not only becomes a defender of Jesus and his work (John 7) but also one who'd help prepare and lay Jesus' body to rest after his death. While we have the benefit of that foresight its definitely not hard to see that their talk is a bit different than the usual exchanges we see Jesus in with the Pharisees. Yes, there are some punches that Jesus doesn't hold back and yet we see him explaining and showing some patience with this leader and "Israel's teacher." All efforts that must have had some effect on this sympathizer and pharisee.

And then there is the conversation that starts between a couple of John the Baptist' disciples and curious onlookers. Maybe they are trying to ruffle some feathers, maybe they are trying to be just plain divisive but in the end John the Baptist speaks up and seeks to set things straight. That quite possibly is where we get the most concise and true glimpse into John's character and attitude towards Jesus. John 3:30. Oh, and we run across that gem that we are so familiar with. John 3:16. No matter how you parse it though, a little new and a little old this morning.

Somethings to ponder amongst your reading...

  • In verse 4, how do you imagine Nicodemus said this? What do you imagine was his expression? His tone? His intent?

  • Consider verse 20 and our aversion to "the light" when it comes to our not so good deeds. Has this ever been true in your life? Think a moment of something you've done and tried to hide at some point.

  • What do you think an attitude like John's in verse 30 looks like when lived out in real life?

Have a blessed day!



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