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Songs, Dreams and Babies.

Yesterday's: Day 4 - Lu 1:26-56

Today's: Day 5 - Lu 1:57-80

Tomorrow's: Day 6 - Mt 1:18-25, Lu 2:1-20

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet Mary. And while we're usually quite famiiliar with her and her story, it can be refreshing to experience her story outside of all the Christmas craziness we often find ourselves in when we encounter her and her rollercoaster circumstances. Verses 46-55 brought us a quick peek at Mary's Song (as its often called). Guess it turns out movies and musicals aren't the only place people break into song when their overjoyed! None the less we walk away seeing God's hand in two family's lives as He blesses them with a child and continues to set the stage for what is ahead.

Today we get another glimpse into Elizabeth and Zechariah's life too. We meet Zechariah again for the birth of his son and we find the second "song" in two days as he is confronted with God's character and faithfulness. Probably not the only man in history to celebrate as so after meeting his newborn son.

Tomorrow we'll encounter Mary & Joseph's dreams and the Nativity narrative. All in one day. While you may be tempted to skip it, make sure you read it anyway. Sure, maybe you've heard it plenty this Christmas and most of your life. But you never know how God's living word may catch you differently this time. Here are a couple things to consider in your readings...

  • Anyone else notice the word "mercy" showing up quite a bit these three days?

  • How about a word not mentioned but written in the margins of these three: JOY.

  • Is that one of the first words that come to your mind when you think of the Father?

  • Check out Luke 1:37 again. It's one of those quick quips in scripture that is just amazingly encouraging and expressive of the God we serve!

See you in bit!


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