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Tuesday, Day 12 - Jn 2:1-22

John shares with us this morning one of the most famous miracles we have come to associate with Jesus. Water into wine at the wedding at Cana. For such a short narrative here one could still ponder on the details and ask questions for quite some time. Like, Jesus went to parties? Look at that, Jesus' mom doesn't really ever ask him to do anything but does that mom thing where motivation happens. Why do the guys fill it to the jar to the rim? Are they just budding optimist? Maybe most worthy of our attention though is verse 11. It reminds us of the important part this miracle played in both Jesus' and the disciple's journey.

The other half of our reading brings us face to face with a Jesus who is ready for anything but a party. We see him in the temple courts knocking over tables, yelling at people and chasing folks off with a whip?!?!? If being at a party messed with some people's picture of Jesus, I'm sure this one could be just as terrifying. Especially when we have that nice, Mr. Rogers like view of Jesus everywhere he went. The big thing that jumps out to this reader though? Verses 17 & 22 cue us in on these little flashforward moments where the disciples are hearing words from Jesus' mouth now and later (much later) are finding themselves totally understanding and believing what he said way back when. This intrigues me because it would seem our faith journey is filled with these moments of hearing truth and later being like, "Duh!"

All that said, short reading big on content this morn. Some thigns to ponder....

  • Jesus' mother fills him in on the fact that the wine at the party is gone and voices an expectation of action on his part. What do you think she knows and realizes at this point about her son and who he really is?

  • What is the purpose of this miracle? (BTW, Jesus' miracles always had a point and not always what you first think.)

  • Verse 17 & 22 reference some hindsight that the disciples will have. Have you ever had God's word do that to you? You hear something and then later find it to be totally true?




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